Overlay Side Navigation Menu

In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been playing with the side navigation menu. By default, the side navigation menu “pushes” the page content back and forth as it expands and collapses. Which looks just like this:
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Required Asterisk Left of Item Label

If you ever had a customer asked you to move the required asterisk of the item’s label before the item itself, you probably had to copy the existing template and move the span that holds the asterisk before the item itself then you had to go through all you labels...
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Tags: Interface CSS

iOS Modal Scrolling

If you ever tried to scroll a modal page from within Safari on iOS you probably noticed that what is getting scrolled is the parent page content and not the actual modal content.
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Tags: Modal CSS

Customizing Cards Report

The other day I was working on a cards report for a customer and they wanted to have the cards on the same line be of equal height. They also wanted to have some kind of visual indicator of what card was currently being hovered.
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